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The curfew in Ferguson, Missouri was lifted on Monday, but it would likely not have stopped another night of planned demonstrations either way. The midnight curfew was imposed over the weekend by Governor Jay Nixon, but along with the curfew, the flight ban was also lifted over Ferguson.

Despite the change in policy, the town remains in a state of emergency, which is what allows for National Guard troops to arrive at the scene of the week-long protest. When President Obama spoke earlier today, he clarified that the National Guard would be under the control of the state, rather than the federal government. Their presence was requested by Gov. Nixon, and National Guard troops will work under the Missouri Highway Patrol department.  

The Guard will be working to keep the peace, however, locals are unsure that they will be successful. Marshall Tucker, a local business owner, told Reuters, "It ain't getting no better with the National Guard coming in. That'll be worse. Tonight it's going to get really sticky."

Shop owners have already been preparing for potential looting, but all appears calm as of the time of posting. You can watch a live stream of events on the ground below, courtesy of MSNBC.

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