New York Woman Had No Idea 50,000 Bees Were Living In Her Apartment

The bees have been safely transported to a beefarm, along with the 17 honeycombs they had produced in the ceiling.

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A woman in Elmhurst, New York, recently discovered she had 50,000 roommates. Really annoying ones that kept buzzing around and never had the rent on time. Bees. 50,000 bees. The bees made themselves at home in Frieda Turkmenilli's ceiling. The bees actually had even started making honey.

She had seen a couple bees around her apartment over the past few weeks, but nothing alarming. Her neighbors, on the other hand, were overwhelmed by the bees and complained to the apartment building manager.

Turkmenilli is as confused by this as anyone. "How did they get there? Where did they come from?" she said on WABC. "I was shocked."

Though her ceiling was effectively turned into a giant honey factory, Turkmenilli doesn't seem to mind. She's going to miss them. "I would love to have had them and had honey, you know?"

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