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The roughly 400,000 people in the Toledo area were told by city officials on Saturday not to drink or bathe with tap water. The cause, according to the AP, is said to be the "presence of a toxin possibly from algae on Lake Erie."

Sound bad? Consider this:

The warning left residents across the Toledo area searching for water after they were advised not to shower with it or boil the water because that would only increase the toxin's concentration.

Some people are taking the precautions pretty seriously:

Meanwhile, Toledo's Craigslist is suddenly booming:

Toledo isn't the only Midwestern city to be in the midst of some water woes. As we noted earlier this week, Detroit is on the verge of cutting water service to a number of residents who haven't paid their bills. The decision has engendered some heavy controversy.

Also, earlier this year, a chemical spill that seeped in the water supply of West Virginia's capital city of Charleston forced businesses to shutter for several days as residents looked elsewhere for water.

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