Another Night of Chaos and Anger in Ferguson, Missouri

Demonstrations following the police shooting of Michael Brown spill over into a third night.

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For the second night in a row, a suburb of St. Louis became the scene of large-scale protests and a harsh police response. Demonstrators came out again to protest the shooting death of Michael Brown, a 18-year-old man who shot and killed by a police officer on Saturday afternoon.

Witnesses say that heavily armed police units used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowd around a QuikTrip convenience store in the town Ferguson. The same store was looted and burned on Sunday night, after a vigil for Brown spiraled out of control.

Earlier in the day on Monday, Brown's parents, Michael Brown Sr. and Lesley McSpadden, held a press conference to dispute the police version of events that happened on Saturday afternoon. Law enforcement officials say that Brown allegedly pushed the police officer into his car, struggled with him, and attempted to take his gun. However, other witnesses say Brown was unarmed and attempting to surrender when he was shot in the middle of the street. Brown's family and their lawyers called on any other witnesses to come forward, particularly if they have photos of video of the incident.

On Monday evening, police tried to disperse the crowd, but were met with more anger. People shouted at police and marched with their hands in the air, shouting, "Don't Shoot!" and "We are Michael Brown!" Even journalists covering the events were threatened with arrest if they didn't leave.

Despite the chaotic situation there don't appear to be any new reports of looting or any mass arrests, but the protests are likely to continue throughout the night.

We'll have more updates if and when news becomes available.

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