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Anonymous Stops Releasing Information on Alleged Officer Who Shot Michael Brown

After a series of threats, the international hacker coalition Anonymous has released what it says is the name of the Ferguson police officer who shot Michael Brown as well as his photograph. St. Louis County police are denying it's him.

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The online activist group Anonymous has threatened to reveal the identity and other personal information of the police officer they say is responsible for the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. However, they have called that effort (for now) after denials from St. Louis area police that they had the right person, and after Twitter suspended one of their accounts. No other media outlets have been able to verify whether their information is correct or not. Read below for the latest updates...

The latest:

1:21 p.m.: After switching to a secondary account (@TheAnonMessage), the group that named the alleged shooter says they won't be releasing any more information for the time being.

12:44 p.m.: In an e-mail to The Wire, Twitter wouldn't disclose a specific rationale for the suspension of the Anonymous account.

We don't comment on individual accounts, but you can see the reasons why an account may be suspended in our Twitter Rules."
In another e-mail to The Wire, Anonymous said it has a backup account active:

Twitter suspended our account for practicing free speech: follow our backup account @TheAnonMessage2 and 

Please make sure this is spread, before any fake accounts jump on the opportunity. 

Meanwhile, a different Anonymous offshoot sought to differentiate itself from the suspended account:

11:55 a.m.: After a few exchanges between the Twitter accounts of the St. Louis Police Department and Anonymous, it seems as though Twitter has suspended Anonymous' account.

This should be interesting.

11:17 a.m.: Following up on a previous threat, Anonymous released what it says is a photograph of the police officer who shot Michael Brown on Saturday, igniting a national controversy.

While most officials have avoided comment on the hacker collective's efforts, the Washington Post spoke with St. Louis County Sgt. Colby Dolly, who criticized Anonymous on its aims as well as its merits.

People really need to harshly judge the accuracy of this group, given that they’ve now given false information about several important things.”  

He added that the two names that have been floated online this week have been wrong and said that police were now reaching out to warn the person who had been named.

Commenters, responding to the release of the identity of the alleged officer involved, also pointed out that the name was not on the list of Ferguson Police Department staff members that Anonymous released earlier this week. In addition to hacking the Ferguson city website, the collective also released the tapes from the St. Louis Police dispatchers from the day of the shooting.

Original Post

After a series of threats, the international hacker coalition Anonymous has released what it says is the name of the Ferguson police officer who shot Michael Brown.

The Ferguson Police Department has not confirmed their allegation and The Wire has reached out to all parties involved.

Below, the collective lays out the next steps it is prepared to take. 

We'll have more as this develops.

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