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Unlike much of the last week, Ferguson was relatively calm on Tuesday night, ahead of today's grand jury investigation into Michael Brown's death. Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson spoke with reporters early this morning to address the calmer evening. 

"Tonight we saw a different dynamic. We had to respond to fewer incidents than the night before. There were no Molotov cocktails tonight, there were no shootings. I believe there was a turning point made," said Johnson. The Missouri National Guard, which was brought in to help with peacekeeping, remains on the ground, guarding the police command center which was reportedly attacked last week. 

In total, 47 arrests were made yesterday evening and several handguns were taken from protesters. Though this is still a high number of arrests, it is slightly less than the evening before. Police officers also held off on using tear gas against the crowds. Earlier in the day, two St. Louis Department police officers were involved in the shooting and death of a man who was robbing a convenience store just miles away from where Brown was killed. 

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