10 Things We Learned From the New York Times' Marijuana Reddit AMA

The New York Times opinion editors published a series on marijuana legalization last week, and following the high volume of responses, the editors (and contributors) participated in a Reddit AMA. 

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The New York Times opinion editors published a series on marijuana legalization last week, and following the, well, high volume of responses to their comments, the editors (and contributors) participated in a Reddit AMA.

Below are some of the most notable revelations from their chat with the Internet:

1. Snoop Dogg Lion asks hard-hitting questions

...and gets an invite to visit the Times offices.

2. The Times drug testing policy gets a shrug

Editorial Page Editor Andrew Rosenthal skirts around the issue, pointing out that he has nothing to do with corporate policy. That said, he does say that he advocates ending testing for marijuana use.

3. The Times dismisses David Simon, creator of HBO's The Wire

The answer touches on the most important aspect of the question—whether marijuana legalization just lets the privileged get away with getting high. Contributor David Firestone doesn't think it does.

4. They have nothing to say about LSD

No comment there, but this was the most far-reaching question.

5. A word count is a measure of conviction

Forbes had called out the series for being hypocritical to its history. In response, Firestone, though, says the series wasn't meant to please anyone.

6. Public opinion is important to politicians

Contributor Juliet Lapidos takes the reins on this one, speculating how quickly change can affect the country by using same-sex marriage as an example.

7. Legalization should trigger a prisoner exodus

Lapidos admits the government will likely never issue an apology.

8. There's no good argument against The Times' series

Firestone points out that the contributors took into consideration what legalization would mean, saying that they would advocate regulation of its use in schools and promote education campaigns.

9. The board wanted to spark a conversation

Rosenthal outlines why they published the series in the first place.

10. Andrew Rosenthal likes horses

Nearly every AMA participant always has to ask this conundrum, and Rosenthal chooses to fight a horse-sized duck.

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