Man Wins Hot Dog Eating Contest, Proposes to Girlfriend, Is a Great American

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Joey Chestnut has had quite a Fourth of July. The seven-time hot dog eating champion proposed to his girlfriend today, right on the stage on the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island. She accepted. (What girl wouldn't when surrounded by love and hot dogs?) He then went onto win his eighth hot dog eating contest a half hour later.

Filled with love and warm fuzzy feelings, Chestnut consumed 61 hot dogs in just ten minutes. His record remains 69 hot dogs in ten minutes. At today's hot dog eating contest, he beat Matt Stonie by just five hot dogs. 

The ladies also had their own contest today. Three-time defending champion Sonya Thomas lost her hot dog crown to Miki Sudo, who ate 34 hot dogs in ten minutes. 

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