John Dingell Is As Confused by Kim Kardashian As Everyone Else

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The longest-serving member of Congress has never heard of Kim, or any, Kardashian.

The discovery was made after the Environmental Protection Agency's Office Of Water accidentally auto-tweeted about Kim Kardashian's iPhone game on Monday. 

Michigan Democratic Congressman John Dingell, 88, an architect of the Clean Water Act and probably one of only three people that actively follows the EPA's Office Of Water on Twitter, responded with confusion on his own account. 

After ten hours — all of which we can only hope Dingell spent watching reruns of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, drinking various green juices, and lounging in sheer Lulu Lemon yoga pants with Congressional staffers — he cleared things up. 

We're all left with more questions too, John. That's what Season Nine is for!

Now the only question left is, does Kim Kardashian know who/what a Dingell is? 

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