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Jon Meis, the 26-year-old engineering student who pepper-sprayed and subdued the shooter at Seattle Pacific University on Thursday, is being thanked mightily for his heroic deeds by strangers on the internet. With a wedding set for later this month, the registries for Meis and his bride-to-be quickly filled up as word of his heroics spread. 

Over at Reddit, a number of users posted photos of their purchases in honor of Meis, who is being credited with saving untold lives after he stopped shooter Aaron Ybarra as he paused to reload his weapon.

Three students were shot, one of them fatally, when Ybarra began firing. Meis, who held Ybarra in a chokehold until help arrived, even got the nod from Captain America himself. 

After the registries filled up, a page on the crowdfunding site GoFundMe for Meis and his fiancée was set up. Within hours, the $5,000 goal to cover the couple's honeymoon and a nest egg had been met. As of this writing, they've raised over $15,000. 

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