Storm Chaser Footage Captures Tornado Tossing House Into Air

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Just how powerful were the tornadoes that tore through Nebraska last week? Based on a newly released video, powerful enough to pull a house from the ground and toss it in the air. 

We're pretty sure Dorothy and Toto weren't inside, but it's still a nightmare straight out of Oz. Footage posted by The Weather Channel today, via TVNweather, shows the monster tornado lifting a house into midair and then sending it back to earth. 

The storm that devastated Nebraska on June 16 brought these dueling tornados, killed two individuals (a 5-year-old girl and a 74-year-old man), sent at least 19 to the hospital, destroyed nearly 50 homes, and damaged roughly 75 percent of buildings in the town of Pilger, according to the Associated Press. According to climatologist Al Ducher, the tornadoes were particularly powerful because of the strength of the pair in tandem, as "usually one tornado weakens and shrinks in such a situation." As of 8 p.m. Monday, one week after the storm, Pilger was re-opened to residents

The above GIF came from this TVN video, and here's a longer clip of the tornadoes from a different group of chasers:

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