Police Release Video Showing They Killed One of Vegas Walmart Shooters

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Las Vegas Police clarified some details of the weekend attack in which a couple — Jerad and Amanda Miller — shot and killed two policemen and one bystander in Nevada.

First and most disturbingly, the police released a video to clarify that, contrary to initial reports, police had fired the fatal shot that killed Jerad Miller, and it was not a murder suicide.

The video captures the final moments of the rampage as Amanda Miller shoots her ailing husband. The screen goes black as police relay that Miller turns the gun on herself.

Another disclosure was the surprising news that the shooters had meet with Las Vegas police on three separate occasions in the past few months. The first and most consequential meeting had been just with Jerad Miller in February as police were investigating "threats he allegedly made to Indiana motor vehicle officials," where the couple formerly lived. 

The other two interviews took place in subsequent months as police reportedly sought information about crimes that had taken place in the Millers' apartment complex. All three times, the police hadn't noted any anti-police sentiment in the Millers' statements. 

This particular discovery comes in the wake of last month's Isla Vista assault in which shooter Elliot Rodger had also been visited by police over suspicious conduct. At the time, the fact that police had seemingly missed a warning sign became part of the defense mounted by gun rights' activists who believe that the NRA was being unfairly scapegoated in the shooting.

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