Federal Judge Halts Same Sex Marriages in Wisconsin

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The federal judge who last week struck down Wisconsin's ban against same sex marriages has put that ruling on hold, for now. U.S. District Court Judge Barbara Crabb ruled Friday that her decision against the same sex marriage ban must be put on hold pending an appeal, citing a similar case in Utah. “I conclude that Herbert v. Kitchen, compels me to stay the injunction,” Crabb wrote in her decision, which is embedded below.

Clerks have been ordered to halt issuing same sex marriage licenses until the appeal process takes its course. Within the last week, over 500 couples took advantage of eager state officials who waived the five-day waiting period for a wedding license. But the pending appeal from Republican Attorney General J.B Van Hollen made everything one big mess.

Crabb ultimately bowed to pressure from Van Hollen in order to limit legal confusion, but she wasn't happy about it. "After seeing the expressions of joy on the faces of so many newly wedded couples featured in media reports, I find it difficult to impose a stay on the event that is responsible for eliciting that emotion, even if the stay is only temporary," Crabb writes. "Same-sex couples have waited many years to receive equal treatment under the law, so it is understandable that they do not want to wait any longer. However, a federal district court is required to follow the guidance provided by the Supreme Court."

Here is Crabb's order:


Wisconsin - Injunction and Stay by Chris Geidner


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