Donald Sterling Hires Private Investigators to Find Dirt on the NBA

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If Donald Sterling can't be an NBA owner anymore, then he wants to bring every other owner down with him. Sterling has hired four private investigators to dig up scandalous dirt on the NBA's owners and leaders. As Sterling remains intent on suing the NBA for $1 billion, the findings of these investigators could be greatly beneficial to his case.

The four investigators will be paid $50,000 to do the initial digging. The first payment Sterling made will last for a 30-day trial period. After that, the best of the investigators will get more time and funding to keep searching.

They will be focused on finding information on David Stern, Adam Silver, and the other 29 owners. Sterling hopes that his herd of professional sleuths will uncover a scandal. That scandal could come in many forms: past legal filings revealing discriminatory conduct, misappropriation of NBA funds, or racist or sexual comments from owners. "The gloves are off, as they say," the source told the AP. "Have them dig up all the dirt they can find." 

Even if this unearths some major scandal, Sterling remains banned from the NBA for life. He just might have a buddy to sit next to in his exile if the investigation goes according to his plan. 

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