CBS Forgets About Benghazi, Lets Lara Logan Return to '60 Minutes'

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Just over six months after taking a leave of absence from 60 Minutes over a faulty Benghazi story, Lara Logan will reportedly return to the venerated CBS show. Last November, Logan was asked to leave 60 Minutes after an extensive report about the attack that killed four Americans was exposed for citing false eyewitness testimony. Her producer Max McClellan also took leave. 

Following the episode, Logan delivered an on-camera apology and CBS retracted the story. Dylan Davies, the security contractor whom Logan interviewed, had his book deal canceled and subsequently went into hiding. Logan's return seemed inevitable and then uncertain as some, including 60 Minutes fixture Morley Safer, were said to have pushed for Logan to not return.

The immediate reaction to the news of Logan's return is kind of what you'd expect:

And, of course, word of any Benghazi-related absolution immediately added this dimension to it:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, we shouldn't expect to see Logan onscreen until the fall. 

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