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Dramatic footage has emerged of a brave cat saving a young child from a vicious dog attack, and now everyone who's ever argued that cats aren't distant, selfish, clawing, heartless robot pets is having an I-told-you-so morning. 

The video is pretty epic, and a convincing argument for the virtuous nature of feline friends. (And don't even get started on the evil dog that cruelly stalked a small child and tried to make a meal out of him.) 


An ABC affiliate posted the video, which shows a child slowly riding a very small bike somewhere in sunny Bakersfield, California, when a neighbor's dog runs around a nearby car, drags the boy off the bike with his teeth and starts spinning the child around. Luckily, the attack is cut short by the family cat, who hurls herself into the fight, forces the dog off the bike, and chases him away. The video is titled simply "My cat saved my son," and was presumably edited from home security footage by the child's mother. The victim did receive some nasty bites that needed a few stitches, but is otherwise doing fine. 

And people reacted exactly as you'd expect: 

It seems Hero Cat has not just rescued his friend, but the good name of all cats everywhere: A cat who will shake the image of felines as grumpy, lasagna-loving vagabonds who consume their own fur and spit it up grossly. Thank you, Hero Cat! Cat lovers salute you. 

Until, of course, the backlash begins, and some dog lovers remind us that #notalldogs are worse than that one brave cat. 

Update 3:45 p.m.TMZ is reporting that the dog in the video will be put to death: 

The dog was picked up by animal control yesterday and the decision has been made to put it to sleep.  Sources tell us ... the dog was aggressive even after it was captured and officials decided it was in the best interest for everyone involved to euthanize the canine. 

We're still on board with that heroic cat, but this is putting a serious damper on our ability to enjoy the story.  

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