Defying World, V. Stiviano Says Donald Sterling Isn't Racist

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The Donald Sterling firestorm is quickly approaching maximum weirdness. After radio silence from the embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner, whose racist ramblings were released to the world last weekend, prompting a lifetime ban from the NBA, Sterling spoke out about the controversy. Kind of. 

After reportedly bailing on interviews with Anderson Cooper and others, Sterling offered this piece of lover's lament for the lifestyle magazine Du Jour:

I wish I had just paid her off." 

You may not be familiar with Du Jour. That's possibly because the magazine requires subscribers to meet a wealth criteria. 

Meanwhile, last night Sterling's girlfriend V. Stiviano sat down with Barbara Walters and defied the world when asked if she thinks Sterling is a racist.

"No, I don't believe that in my heart. I think the things he says are not what he feels. Anyone can say anything in the heat of the moment."

The interview was also noteworthy for this moment of affection and unconventional syntax:

Elsewhere in the Sterling media ecosystem, it's been reported that friends of Donald Sterling blame him for the death of his son Scott, who overdosed last year after years of alleged bullying and even whipping by the elder Sterling.

Sterling is also expected to sue the NBA to block the forced sale of his team. 

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