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Megan Huntsman, 39, was arrested today and accused of killing her own babies and leaving their bodies in her garage. The case is as bizarre as it is grisly.

Megan Huntsman (Utah County Jail)

Seven bodies were discovered in a Pleasant Grove, Utah home yesterday. Huntsman's ex-husband called police after finding one dead baby while cleaning out the garage of the home he once shared with Huntsman, who moved out in 2011. Police then found six more bodies in cardboard boxes.

Huntsman is believed to have given birth to all seven of the children and then killed them over a decade. Yet no one apparently knew she was pregnant -- not her then-husband, who is believed to be the father of the children, nor her longtime neighbors Sharon Chipman and Aaron Hawker. Chipman told the Salt Lake Tribune that she even let Huntsman watch her grandson "for years."

Chipman added that Huntsman has three more daughters, aged approximately 13 to 20, who still live in the house. The babies were believed to have been killed between 1996 and 2006, which means some of her living children were born at the same time as she was allegedly killing the others. 

Huntsman's ex-husband, whose name has not been released, is not considered to be a suspect. Police captain Michael Roberts told the AP how he could not have known this was going on under his roof is "the million-dollar question. Amazing." At least one of the babies appeared to be full-term, which means Huntsman was nine months pregnant and her own husband didn't know.

It's not immediately clear why Huntsman was booked for only six counts of murder when seven bodies were found. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the only thing on her criminal record until now was a 2011 traffic citation. 


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