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US Airways has finished investigating how its Twitter account managed to tweet a photo (this link is as SFW as it's going to be) of a toy airplane inserted into a woman's personal area, and the fate of the employee responsible has been decided.

The investigation began about an hour after the photo was tweeted.

First, as reported yesterday, it was ascertained that the photo was copied from a tweet sent to the company which was then inadvertently pasted into the offending tweet. This is something that has happened to most if not all of us, though most of us realize it much sooner and also don't accidentally tweet what is, truly, the worst possible photo.

Surprisingly (though not as surprising as that photo surely must have been to US Airways' Twitter followers), the employee responsible for the mistake will NOT be fired.

"It was an honest mistake," spokesman Matt Miller told the New York Daily News, which described the photo as "showing a naked woman with a toy plane wedged between her legs."

Miller added that US Airways is "in the midst of reviewing our processes but for the most part we have an understanding of what happened and how to ensure how it won't happen in the future." (My suggestion: make sure you're pasting what you think you're pasting before you tweet it. Also maybe don't copy a photo like that in the first place.)

While we still have questions (who is that woman? Is she okay? Did the woman US Airways sent that tweet to get the "free stuff" she requested?), it's actually pretty cool of US Airways not to fire its employee for this.

US Airways recently merged with American Airlines, which is currently deciding whether or not to press charges against a 14-year-old Dutch girl who tweeted terroristic (though almost definitely not serious) threats.


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