One Man Taken Into Custody After Boston Marathon Finish Line Bomb Scare

Two unattended bags left near the Boston Marathon finish line were blown up and a man was taken into custody after a brief bomb scare tonight.

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As the Boston Marathon bombing anniversary ceremonies came to an end today, a man wearing strange clothes and no shoes ran down Boylston Street yelling "Boston Strong." As he was taken into custody, police found unattended backpacks. You can imagine why finding unattended backpacks at the finish line of the Boston Marathon today would be a very scary thing.

The area was evacuated and the bomb squad was brought in. Both backpacks were blown up (or "disrupted for precautionary reasons," as the Boston PD put it). Neither ended up containing a bomb, though one had a rice cooker filled with confetti.

The man taken into custody has been identified as Kayvon Edson, who is apparently an art student. People are being allowed back into the area.

Update, 10:43 p.m.: According to WBZ, the man who was taken into custody, identified as Kayvon Edson, told police officers one of the backpacks had a rice cooker in it that was full of confetti. Charming. The other backpack, per WBZ's unnamed source, was full of photo equipment.

Update, 9:09 p.m.: The bomb squad has detonated both of the backpacks.

Update, 8:50 p.m.: The bomb squad is still investigating the backpacks and have warned that they might be detonating them in the near future. NECN has a photo of the man taken into custody:

Update, 8:18 p.m.:

Original post: Police are currently investigating two backpacks left near the Boston marathon finish line.

The area has been evacuated and the bomb squad has been called in, though a spokesman for the Boston PD told the Boston Globe that there is no evidence as of now that the backpacks are actually dangerous.

One was left by a man reportedly barefoot and wearing a black veil who ran around the area yelling "Boston Strong!" He was then "removed from the area by police."

Of course, today is the first anniversary of the Boston marathon bombings, in which two backpacks contained pressure cooker bombs killed three and injured hundreds.

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