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Following the audio release of incendiary, racist remarks reportedly by team owner Donald Sterling yesterday, the Los Angeles Clippers players stepped out of the locker room to warm up for their playoff match today wearing their team apparel inside-out in protest.

And so they did: 

The impact of the symbolic gesture—specifically hiding the Clippers logo while doing everything but playing competitive basketball—will now enter the discourse here. There's also this:

Coach Doc Rivers denounced the comments by Sterling earlier, adding that the players would not be available to speak on the topic. However, given that it's the playoffs and the players address the media even more than usual, it should only be a matter of time before a player responds to a question about the episode. 

In the meantime, the NBA claims it will continue to investigate Sterling. The NBA commish Adam Silver is attending today's game between the Clippers and the Warriors. One notable absence: Donald Sterling

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