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10 years ago, Connecticut Governor John Rowland resigned from office in disgrace and later went to prison on corruption charge. On Thursday, Rowland was indicted by a grand jury in New Haven, having allegedly concealed his involvement with two congressional campaigns.

According to the Associated Press:

Former Republican congressional candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley and her husband, Brian Foley, pleaded guilty March 31 to a scheme to create a phony contract that hid the consulting role prosecutors say Rowland played in her campaign. Authorities say Rowland provided nominal services to Foley’s nursing home company to create a cover that he was being paid for those services instead of work for Wilson-Foley’s campaign.

Rowland apparently wrote in one email, “I want to stay under the radar as much as possible.” He allegedly received about $35,000 for his services.

Rowland was indicted on seven counts in all, The New Haven Register reports — one count of conspiracy, and two counts each of falsification of records in a federal investigation, causing false statements to be made to the FEC, and causing illegal campaign contributions. The maximum sentence if convicted on all counts is 57 years.

Rowland resigned in 2004 for accepting free vacations and renovation work from a contractor who did business with the state of Connecticut. He served ten months in prison on a corruption charge, getting released in 2006. After his release, he hosted a radio show and worked as an economic development coordinator.

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