Seattle P.D. Releases New Photos From Kurt Cobain's Suicide, Hopes to Shut Up Conspiracy Theorists

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On Thursday the Seattle Police Department released two new photographs from Kurt Cobain's suicide. But before you sound the conspiracy alarm, police are clear: the case remains very much closed.

With the 20th anniversary of Cobain's death coming up on April 8, one officer deemed it prudent to look again at the case file, so as to preemptively squash any conspiracy theory flare-ups, because of course there were/are going to be some. The Internet is a vast, nutjob wasteland. While Detective Mike Ciesynski didn't find any cause to reopen the case ("It's a suicide. This is a closed case."), he did find rolls of undeveloped film from the crime scene, from which came the two released photos: the one above, and this one below that appears to be Cobain's heroin kit:

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As Renee Witt, a spokeswoman for the SPD, said, "There is nothing earth-shattering in these images ... The outcome of the case has not changed." Police are emphatic that there is nothing else going on here – no new evidence, no reopening of the case, no conspiracy. 

In fact, Ciesynski went into the case precisely because of the tin foil hat crowd. He knew with the 20th anniversary approaching and reignited media attention that some of the "disinformation" floating around could fuel conspiracy theories, and so chose to go back into the file to put to rest any doubts that Cobain's death was a suicide.

"It was good judgement on their behalf to hold to this," Ciesynski said, meaning the case file. Because, you know, it's always good to have the evidence and facts of the case to shut up any babbling theorists. 

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