Moviegoers Are Thinking Things Over After Earthquake Hits During 'Noah'

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No major injuries were reported after a magnitude 5.1 earthquake struck near Los Angeles last night. Beyond word of property damage, power outages, and general anxiety—there were dozens of reported aftershocks—moviegoers, especially those who saw the biblically-themed "Noah," were a little shaken up.  

 As Mashable pointed out, sometimes life imitates art:

Other moviegoers chimed in:

"Comedian" Dane Cook tried to make a funny:

Following the quake, the Drudge siren set out on an alarmist path this morning:

And, of course, celebrities. They're just like us:

The Los Angeles Dodgers were down two with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 6th inning in a game against Los Angeles Angels when the tremors were felt. Vin Scully reported it live during the game:

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