Men's Rights Activists Speak Out on Vital Issue: Women's Self-Defense Classes

Men's rights activists apparently believe that women-only self-defense classes are sexist.

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Men's rights activists apparently believe that women-only self-defense classes are sexist. Ordinarily, such an idea would have no real world implications whatsoever, but the National Coalition for Men may have found a way into the discourse by confronting Glendale, Calif., for hosting free self-defense classes for women on city property. The classes are part of the city's Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaign.

It's a program that the advocates for men's rights believe is discriminatory. From the letter the organization sent to the City of Glendale and its Commission on the Status of Women.

We've been following the Men's Rights Movement lately as its advocates just recently embraced a general accused of rape in a high-profile case. The letterhead of the complaint sent to Glendale city administrators bore the name Earl Silverman, a leader in men's rights circles, who killed himself last year and left behind a checkered legacy of activism and off-color remarks about feminists.  

In the midst of this latest episode, National Coalition for Men President Harry Crouch offered this picante observation in defending the campaign:

"Just because you have a penis doesn't mean you come out of the womb with a black belt in karate." 

According to one anti-sexual violence organization, men are the victims of roughly ten percent of the sexual assaults committed yearly in the United States. Do men's rights activists have a point here? Perhaps. But at what cost?

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