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With an ice-storm already cutting off power to thousands in the South, a civil emergency in Georgia and South Carolina, and another blizzard brewing in the North, it's really just time for all Americans to band together and move to California. Together, we can make San Diego great. All of us. If we moved to San Diego, we could live better lives free from power outages, ice storms, and wet socks. 

All kidding aside, the ice storm that Southern states are facing is expected to be horrendous — worse even the freeze that shut down Atlanta last month. Slate's Eric Holthaus, our encyclopedic weather boyfriend, explained that "last month’s crippling storm was just a teaser for what’s to come."  The most worrisome factor of the ice storm are the power outages which are predicted to be vast and wide:

In fact, the outages have already begun in Georgia. "Just before 5 a.m., the number of customers in the dark was 2,000. That number climbed to more than 20,000 by 7:30 a.m.," the Weather Channel reported. 

Those outages could last for days, the AP reports. Meteorologists say that this storm is on par with a massive ice storm in 2000 which left 500,000 homes and businesses without power and another one from 1973. "In 2000, damage estimates topped $35 million" the AP reports. President Obama has already declared a state of emergency in Georgia.

Up north, the forecast calls for snow. A lot of it. At least six inches of snow, is expected to accumulate along the Mid-Atlantic with some regions getting more than a foot by tomorrow night or Friday morning.

With that dusting, New York City will far exceed its snow average for the year. Ahead of the storm, the city has seen 41.5 inches of snow since Oct. 1, around double its yearly winter average. 

Oh, and travel? Forget about it. Thousands of flights into and out of East Coast and Southeast airports are already canceled, with many more expected to follow.

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