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Someone broke into Rochester, Minnesota's Hooked on Fishing bait and tackle shop but nothing was stolen, thanks to the store's guard fish.

Big Mouth Billy Bass is a mechanical motion-activated fish who sings "Take Me To the River" when someone walks past him. It seems that Mr. Bass' dulcet tones frightened an intruder away, according to the Star-Tribune:

The crime scene of a break-in at a Rochester's Hooked on Fishing shop showed evidence that a burglar got scared off by a motion-activated, singing bass, authorities said.

That evidence? Mr. Bass was found on the floor, apparently knocked down when the intruder kicked the door in. Also, nothing was stolen, even though money was "in a very visible spot." Who would leave money out in a "very visible spot?" The same kind of person who puts As Seen on TV novelty fish on the wall of his store, I guess.

According to Sgt. Tom Claymon, Mr. Bass "took one for the team ... There were plenty of things to take but nothing was missing … other than Billy's pride."

So far there are no suspects, but Louie the Largemouth Bass doesn't seem to have an alibi.



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