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While thousands of Americans had trouble signing up for health insurance following a shaky rollout of, some of those who were able to have encountered a new set of errors. The Washington Post reports that the website currently has no way to fix enrollment errors for people currently enrolled through the site.

According to the Post, roughly 22,000 appeals have been filed by enrollees try to fix errors with their insurance. Those appeals claim that the website "charged them too much for health insurance, steered them into the wrong insurance program or denied them coverage entirely."

The appeals are currently sitting in a government database untouched, and those who directly contact the website's support line are being told that no functionality exists to correct the issues as of right now.

The lack of an infrastructure for reviewing claims sits alongside a number of other high-level checkboxes to be ticked off by the website's developers. Other goals include "an electronic payment system for insurers, the computerized exchange of enrollment information with state Medicaid programs, and the ability to adjust people’s coverage to accommodate new babies and other major changes in life circumstance."

As of now, CMS is advising enrollees encountering issues to reset their applications and start over, believing that the improved system as compared to a few months ago is less likely to run into errors. That solution does not help people who might have already begun to overpay for their plan.

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