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New Mexico is not happy about Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's appropriation of the green chile as a Denver treasure. Hancock, who made a Super Bowl bet with Seattle Mayor Ed Murray as part of a pretty innocuous annual tradition, announced he would send a package of Denver-themed items including fancy skis and some of the city's "amazing green chile" to Seattle if the Broncos lost tomorrow night.

In case you didn't know, New Mexicans, denizens of the Chile State, are quite serious about their state vegetable. State officials did not take kindly to Hancock's claims of chile ownership.

How high did the diplomatic ruffling go? To the governor's office, of course. On Thursday, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez lodged her complaint:

"Although New Mexico doesn't have an NFL team, we definitely win the Super Bowl of green chile every single year. Our green chile, whether from Hatch or Chimayo or anywhere else in the state, is our state's Lombardi Trophy." 

In response, a spokeswoman for Hancock basically told New Mexico to chile out. New Mexico officials did no such thing and preemptively sent 20 pounds of New Mexico chile to both mayors.

This year's pre-Super Bowl smack-talk between Seattle and Denver has been particularly robust. Not only have the art directors at museums in both cities mixed it up a bit with wagers and boasting, but even the Seattle and Denver police departments have gotten into a social media war of words over the big game.

On Thursday evening, both mayors appeared on "The Colbert Report" to bet Colorado steak and Pacific salmon as bounties should their teams prevail. Colbert immediately busted them for gambling.


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