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The internet exploded after an industrious Girl Scout sold 117 boxes of cookies in just two hours outside of a medical marijuana clinic in San Francisco earlier this week. But the story is danker than that. Accompanied by her mom, 13-year-old Girl Scout Danielle Lei went to The Green Cross on President’s Day and tallied almost 40 more boxes than she would sell outside a Safeway the following day. 

When asked about it, Dana Allen—a communications director for the Girl Scouts of Northern California—offered a pretty mellow endorsement of the tactic. 

“Girls are selling cookies, and they and their parents pick out places where they can make good sales. The mom decided this was a place she was comfortable with her daughter being at...We're not telling people where they can and can't go if it's a legitimate business.” 

A feel-good story on all counts. But the love between the Girl Scouts and medical marijuana isn’t limited to one cookie sales bonanza. Last year, the winner of last year’s prestigious Cannabis Cup was a California-blend called “Girl Scout Cookies.” The popular strain won the U.S. Mixed Flowers category in Denver last April. Here's a quick description:

“Girl Scout Cookies got its start in San Francisco. The "platinum" version is a mix of OG Kush x Durban Poison x Cherry Kush.”

On the marijuana site Leafly, it’s received some heavy praise. Here are two “exceptional” reviews, which both offer that Girl Scout Cookie weed is good for writing lyrics: 

"This strain is very interesting. I have been fighting back from spinal cord and head injury for over 15 years. I am finally preparing to record my firstCD in 15 years. Girl Scout Cookie has been very helpful with writing lyrics and getting myself organised. Kudos to the producers of GS I hope to meet you folks someday !"

And other from a veteran:

iraq war vet here, hooah. just got back from my 7th tour of duty. ever since #2 i've had severe ptsd/major depression/schizophrenia. girl scout cookies really cleared most of it up for me. these meds are best used while writing lyrics. was having a lot of pain in my body and now it is gone for as long as the meds are working. won't bring back 1st Class Private Ludin but it sure as hell made me forget about the day he left us.

Who smells a cross-promotion? 

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