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Stockholders Restaurant owner Kevin Hynes thought a 250-pound safe would be enough to protect his money from thieves.

He found out last Sunday night that he did not take ridiculously strong people into account, when one man walked right on out of the Weymouth, Massachusetts eatery carrying his safe.

Surveillance footage showed a man walk through the restaurant's side door and down the stairs. Six minutes later, he walked out carrying a trash bag with a safe-shaped object inside.

Hynes wouldn't tell reporters how much money was in the safe, but said the theft was "brazen."

Stockholders diners Dana and Jordan Snowdale seemed amused by the theft.

"That's saying something for trash bags I guess," Dana said.

"I need to start going to the gym he goes to," said Jordan.

Hynes is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the ripped robber's arrest, as if bars could hold him. He's also bought an even heavier safe and bolted it to the floor, although that safe is only 315 pounds. Like a guy who walked up the stairs with a 250-pound safe isn't going to be able to lift that. Why not get that 1500-plus-pound safe that Amazon Prime ships for free?

He believes it's an inside job, but there is a statue thief loose in Tucson who could have made his way to Massachusetts for one big score. And we might want to check into all of these guys' alibis.

Here's the surveillance footage if you want to see the world's strongest thief for yourself:

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