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Does your toilet contain a Series 503 Flushmate III flushing system? If so, pay attention: your commode might explode.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced today that over 360,000 Flushmate flushing systems, which are installed inside toilet tanks, have been recalled due to the "impact and laceration hazards":

The system can burst at or near the vessel weld seam releasing stored pressure. This pressure can lift the tank lid and shatter the tank, posing impact and laceration hazards to consumers and property damage.

In other words, your toilet tank could blow up. This has already happened at least three times. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported ... yet.

This is not the first time Flushmate's flushing system has had issues. In June 2012, the company recalled 2.34 million Flushmate III units manufactured between October 1997 and February 2008 after receiving hundreds of reports of "the product bursting," 14 of which did result in injuries. That's 14 people who had to explain to their medical providers that they were attacked by their toilets. That's 14 people too many. 

Flushmate is offering affected customers a "free repair kit" so they can fix their own possibly dangerous toilets.

There are currently several class action lawsuits against Flushmate winding their way through our judicial system.

Be careful out there.


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