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Update, 2:48 p.m. The Star-Ledger reports the powder was probably cornstarch. ABC reports one site tested positive for baking powder

Original: Hazardous material units and bomb squads scattered across New Jersey and New York on Friday after letters containing a white powder were mailed to at least five hotels near MetLife Stadium, where the Super Bowl will be played on Sunday, 

The New Jersey Star-Ledger and the New York Daily News report hazmat units were dispatched to one hotel in East Rutherford, New Jersey, two in the nearby Carlstadt, and two in Lyndhurst because a white powder was discovered at the hotels. “The situation is developing,”  Jeanne Baratta, chief of staff at the Bergen County Executive’s Office, told the Star-Ledger

The Daily News and CNN report a letter with a suspicious white powder was also sent to former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani's office on Sixth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. Roughly eight people were exposed to the powder, the Daily News reports, though no one showed any signs of infection or immediate reaction.

For now that's all we know about the suspicious white powder at the hotels on Super Bowl weekend. The police are approaching the situation with caution. We'll have more as the story develops. This could be a serious threat, or a "harmless" hoax carried out by some punks, but with the Olympics anxiety hanging around the last thing the big game needs is a security scare.

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