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The crime spree that shook a city to its very foundations may be over: police have arrested the man they believe is the "Swiss Cheese Pervert."

Christopher Pagano, 41, was arrested today in his Norristown home by Philadelphia's Special Victims Unit. According to local reporter Tara Murtha, he was charged with two counts of stalking, two counts of indecent exposure, three counts of harassment and two counts of "open lewdness."

Pagano's arrest, via CBS Philly

The Swiss Cheese Pervert approached several women in the greater Philadelphia area, exposed himself, and offered them money to perform sexual acts on him with Swiss cheese.

Obviously, he's innocent until proven guilty. But Pagano has been convicted of cheese- and penis-related crimes in the past: in 2009, he plead guilty to disorderly conduct after he "propositioned a woman with an unusual request that included cheese," according to the Times Herald. Pagano offered a woman $20 to rub Swiss cheese on his penis, which is the Swiss Cheese Pervert's MO.

Also, his own neighbor Rae Dean told NBC 10 that Pagano is "a weirdo" and often walks around outside in just his underwear.

The mood was jubilant on the Mayfair Town Watch's Facebook page, which first brought the Swiss Cheese Pervert to our attention, though one woman commented that she is "STILL never eating swiss cheese again."

One local restaurant, the Grey Lodge Pub, has even named a new sandwich in honor of the arrest of the alleged Swiss Cheese Pervert: grilled swiss with prosciutto and caramelized onions on rye. Yum!

The story has given rise to several cheesy puns: "If he has an alibi, it's probably full of holes" (Huffington Post); "A Norristown man apparently said 'cheese' for a police mug shot long before Thursday" (Times Herald); "Any way you slice it, Mayfair's 'Swiss Cheese Pervert' is closer to getting caught" (Philadelphia Daily News); "Police Did a Gouda Job" (Las Vegas Guardian Express).


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