Here's a Birther's 7-Point New Year's Plan to Arrest Obama

Like many World Net Daily columnists, former Margaret Thatcher advisor Lord Christopher Monckton believes 2014 is the year that America will take action to end this whole Obama thing.

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Like many World Net Daily columnists, former Margaret Thatcher advisor Lord Christopher Monckton believes 2014 is the year that America will take action to end this whole Obama thing. Monckton outlined his plan just before the New Year. When it's successful, patriotic Americans will be able to "fill the jails" with not only the president himself, but any public officials who deny that Obama is a presidential interloper.

Monckton, of course, is not alone in his flirtation with the idea of punishing Obama for some reasons. In early December, the House Judiciary Committee spent 3 1/2 hours discussing "The President’s Constitutional Duty to Faithfully Execute the Laws," a hearing widely seen as an attempt to discuss impeachment without using that actual word. Republican critics of the president mentioned a number of possible actions that could form the basis of impeachment proceedings, according to Hearst, including: "bombing Libya without congressional authorization" and "permitting the Internal Revenue Service to scrutinize conservative organizations’ applications for non-profit, tax-exempt status." The Democratic National Committee is now fundraising off of that implicit impeachment threat, presumably to boost a campaign to give the Democrats a majority in the House.

But there's a big problem with any plan to impeach Obama right now: the House of Representatives can impeach the president, sure, but he'd stand trial before a Democratically-controlled Senate, who would certainly not remove him from office of the basis of any current charge against him, including the whole thing with the birth certificate. That is where Monckton comes in with his seven steps for victory. "For no one expects 'Democrat' senators to do their duty, even when confronted with overwhelming evidence that Black Jesus, as Obama’s fawning White House coterie call him, has flouted the Constitution itself," Monckton writes. Republicans will have to take another approach.

Step One: "Stop being panty-waists."

The problem, Monckton begins is essentially that Republican members of Congress are afraid to go public with what they know is the truth — that Obama's birth certificate is clearly fake:  "the real reason why no congressman has yet moved to set up a congressional inquiry into the self-evidently bogus 'birth certificate' that festers to this day on the White House website," Monckton writes,  "is that they are terrified that the left will work night and day to trash the reputation of anyone who dares to question Mr. Obama’s legitimacy." 

The solution? Man up (see: this step's header). Birther Republicans should "band together" and call a congressional inquiry into the president's birth certificate anyway. For his troubles, Monckton says,  "I should like the honor of being the first witness."

Step Two: Call Hundreds of Public Officials Before Congress.

Monckton wants to know why the attorney general of Hawaii, the head of the Secret Service, and the head of the FBI haven't answered his letters about Obama's birth certificate. Also, he eventually wants to arrest them, along with "hundreds" of other public officials who also didn't respond to queries about Obama's now public birth certificate: "They will be jailed with [Obama] when their failure to act when the evidence was put under their noses becomes a focus of the ever-widening investigation."

Step Three: Visit Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

"The GOP caucus should get its wobbly bottom down to Phoenix and get itself up to speed on the investigation," Monckton writes of an ongoing effort by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's ongoing effort to "prove" that Obama's birth certificate is fake (the investigation is run by the nonprofit Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Cold Case Posse). Arpaio's lead birther investigator Mike Zullo has promised that their investigation is "universe-shattering." Originally intended to remove Obama from the 2012 ballot for re-election, Arpaio has repeatedly claimed that Obama's birth certificate is "forged." Monckton would like Republican members of Congress to use this investigation as its basis, because "the sheriff has now called in professional, full-time detectives to supplement the unpaid volunteers ... Joe Arpaio would never have taken that step unless he were very sure of his ground."

Step Four: Undo Everything the President has Ever Done.

This is pretty self explanatory: Monckton thinks that at this point, Congress should "prepare" a giant undo button of a bill to wipe Obama's accomplishments from the record.

Step Five: Wait Until 2016.

This step is more of a statement than an actual step: "don’t expect anyone to arrest Mr. Obama while he is still the people’s tenant." Presuming he leaves office in 2016 (UNLESS THE MEDIA HANDS HIM A THIRD TERM), the best part of Monckton's plan happens then.

Step Six: Arrest Everybody.

Ok, here we go:

Obamagate is the paradigm of why Big Government does not work. Give private citizens the right to bring prosecutions without the consent of the states’ attorneys general. All of them were shown an outline of the evidence. None – without exception – has lifted a finger to put right what is so obviously wrong.

Let the heads roll, right across federal and state governments. Fill the jails. Only when the crooks have gone can America march forward again as her Founding Fathers had intended.

Step Seven: "If you think all of the foregoing is mad, just watch and learn."

That is it. That is the entirety of the last step. Good luck, America.

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