George Zimmerman Goes Shepard Fairey For His Latest Piece of 'Art'

George Zimmerman's new painting looks a lot like an AP photo of his former prosecutor.

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Teen killer George Zimmerman has a new painting, his brother announced on Twitter tonight. It's called "Angie" and it's of Angela Corey, the prosecutor in his murder trial.

He'll post details on "sale info" tomorrow, but a sneak preview of the "art" shows something that looks an awful lot like an AP photo, as Twitter user "Justice Calls" pointed out:

1.6 million. Zimmerman doesn't have that kind of cash (he claimed to be indigent in November), but he did sell his first painting for $100,000, so, you know, if a photo agency were to sue him for copyright infringement, there could be some money there. Just saying.

We've emailed the AP for comment and will update if they respond.

Update, Friday: They've responded. Director of Media Relations Paul Colford doesn't seem happy.

George Zimmerman clearly directly copied an AP photo to create his painting of Florida State Attorney Angela Corey. The AP has sent a cease-and-desist letter asserting its copyright in the photo to the lawyer who recently represented Mr. Zimmerman. That lawyer has responded, and though she no longer represents Mr. Zimmerman, she will be forwarding the letter to him today.

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