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Education officials in Madison, Wisconsin have already cancelled school on Monday ahead of dangerously frosty temperatures. 

The Wisconsin State Journal reports multiple school districts decided to cancel Monday classes a full 48 hours ahead of the opening bell because of forecasted temperatures that could cause serious physical harm. Madison temperature will fall around -15 or -16 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Accuweather. In Tennessee, some schools have already cancelled Monday and Tuesday classes because of expected frigid weather. 

It's the windchill — when high winds combine with low temperatures to make life even colder — that has the school officials so worried. On Saturday, the U.S. National Weather Service issued a wind chill warning in Wisconsin for the next three days, with a special emphasis on dangerous conditions Monday and Tuesday morning, when temperatures are expected to fall between -44 and -55 degrees. (That's the sound of children across Wisconsin cheering, by the way.)

Monday's windchill could cause frostbite, hypothermia or death, according to the warning, if proper precautions aren't taken. Translation: if you do leave the house, wear a scarf, hat and mittens. Or just don't leave the house! Unless you have Packers tickets, in which case, be safe. 

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