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Former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez — who is already in jail awaiting trial for murder — has now been formally linked to another homicide case, that police have long suspected his involvement with. Newly released documents who that police have evidence placing Hernandez in an SUV that was involved in a 2012 drive-by double homicide.

Investigators believe that earlier unsolved shooting in Boston's South End may be linked to the murder of Odin Lloyd, the case for which Hernandez is facing first-degree murder charges.

According to the Hartford Courant, the documents don't specify whether police believe Hernandez pulled the trigger in the drive-by shooting. They do, however, believe Hernandez was behind the wheel of the car, which was at the scene moments before the double homicide.

Police suspect Hernandez was in an SUV that circled a block waiting for the victims to enter their own vehicle before the 2 a.m. drive-by shooting. The silver SUV then pulled up next to the victims' car at a stoplight, and someone inside fired five or six shots in rapid progression, killing two and injuring one of the five men in the other car

Boston prosecutors haven't filed charges in connection to the 2012 murders of Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado, but police are investigating his possible connection to the shooting. According to The Boston Globe, investigators believe that Lloyd may have known something about Hernandez's alleged role in the 2012 murders, and his death may have been part of an attempt to cover up the earlier crime.

The documents note that police received an anonymous tip about Hernandez's alleged connection to the unsolved double murder soon after Lloyd was killed. That tip triggered police to take a second look at surveillance footage showing Hernandez and an alleged accomplice leaving the same night club as the murder victims earlier that night. Hernandez is awaiting trail for Lloyd's murder. A trial date is not yet set. 

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