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From 10 a.m. to noon on Thursday, Delta kind of accidentally sold a bunch of tickets on the cheap. The airline will honor tickets from anyone lucky enough to snag the fares — for example, $48.41 for a round trip between Cincinnati and Salt Lake City. The fares popped up both on Delta's site and on outside booking agencies. 

A spokesperson for the company told CNN that the "situation has been resolved and the correct prices are being displayed," although several users and media outlets reported that the site was still glitchy, rendering some fares unavailable, into Thursday afternoon. The company hasn't provided an estimate on how many customers managed to buy tickets before the problem was identified and shut down. 

According to the AP, the glitch might be a result of a site-wide attempt to change fares by $10 or $20, implemented incorrectly. The tickets reported sold usually go for several hundred dollars, or even more. 

At least Delta has some company. In October, United Airlines's website did more or less the same thing, allowing some customers to purchase tickets for just the cost of taxes and fees. In September, the same airline briefly, accidentally, priced a bunch of tickets at $0, meaning that customers could purchase them for just the cost of fees. 

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