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It was revealed last week that George Zimmerman has joined Twitter, a platform well-known for its tolerant and inclusive demeanor. The account's authenticity was confirmed by Zimmerman himself on the listing for his ugly piece of art, as well as by Zimmerman's brother.

What's George been tweetin' about?

A message to his haters:

He's been doxxing people:

Weighing in on the Duck Dynasty controversy:

Talking about his hero status:

Politely declining interviews and talking about his friends:

Who does he follow?

This is just a sampling of his 43 followed accounts. They include famous people.

  • @seanhannityA friend of Zimmerman's and a Fox News host, in that order
  • @BarbaraJWaltersCan you imagine what those two might be DMing each other?
  • @TedNugent: "run by the  team, with help from the Madman himself!" This one's no surprise; Ted also loves guns.
  • @AlanDersh: Famous lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Always good to have a lawyer just a tweet away.
  • @Reince: RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. He does not #followback.
  • @AnthonyCumia: Half of the noted radio duo Opie and Anthony. Good, clean fun (here is a video from an event on their show where one guy pukes on another guy).

Zimmerman also follows a handful of supporters. Here are some samplings from their bios.

Zimmerman also loves to support charities. You know that George, always giving back to the community.

And finally…

  • @SaveTheChildren"The leading independent organization creating lasting change in the lives of children in need in the United States and around the world." 

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