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Just when you thought things were finally starting to look up for the much-maligned rollout of comes this revelation: between October and November, as many as one in four applications to insurance providers have errors that were caused by the website.

The 25 percent of those who applied for coverage during those months as part of President Obama's legacy project should make sure they get in touch with their insurer to make sure their coverage starts in the new year.

The issue revolves around 834 forms, which are back-end data reports, changing the issue from user-experience concerns to system-delivery issues, which is less than good, especially with Dec. 23 – the deadline for coverage that starts on New Year's Day – drawing very close. 

It's worth noting that now, according to a spokesperson for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), 90% of these 834 forms are error-free. 

Our clear priority is fixing any remaining bugs causing problems and working to make sure every 834 form past and present is resolved.

Still, the number of people affected could be in the tens of thousands. New changes to the site means they're hoping the system can handle 800,000 visits a day, though they still suggest using the site in off-hours to minimize the load.

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