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Now that is "fixed," people have flocking to the site and signing up for insurance at a furious pace. Roughly 29,000 people signed up for health insurance through the site on Sunday and Monday alone, a government official tells Politico's Carrie Brown, which is more than the total for the entire month of October. 

In the program's official launch month, a disappointing and dismal 26,000 people signed up for insurance through the site. November faired a bit better, with 100,000 sign-ups, but the program was still far off from meeting its 7 million person goal by March. 

President Obama had promised a fixed site by the end of November, and the administration was anxiously urging people to wait for a repaired site before signing up. They then anxiously waited to see if it would work. After the administration's self-assigned passing grade, it's no surprise the floodgates opened. The good news from Sunday and Monday should give a boost to Obamacare supporters, desperate to stem the tide of bad headlines.

Does that mean the administration's in the clear? No, not at all. Back-end issues still plague the site, and some are worried that will lead to another new chaotic deadline on January 1, when the insurance plans start to kick in. But for now, things are at least heading in the right direction.

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