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Allegedly, married New York assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak is a butt guy who likes attempted infidelities with 20-somethings and massages with happy endings – something his political career may not get the chance to enjoy.

As first reported by the Albany Times-Union, three of the Buffalo-area politician's former aides have charged him with making their work environment inhospitable, serving Gabryszak (and his chief of staff, for ignoring their complaints) with a sexual harassment suit.

Among the things the aides allege Gabryszak told them that you will also wish you didn't know about the 62-year-old: he offered one aide a $100,000-a-year job to leave her fiancé; he sent a video of himself receiving a blowjob; he invited them for hotel stays and massage parlor visits; and he has a tattoo on his penis, which if nothing else has to be objectively one of the worst things one can do to one's own penis. He also made such bone-headed (you'll see what I did there in a second) sexual advances as this:

I got a boner when I walked into the office today when I saw you.

This, dear readers, is a horrible, terrible sentence to say.

While the allegations remain just that, and haven't been proven in court or otherwise, New York governor Andrew Cuomo and the Erie County Democratic Party chairman have already called for Gabryszak to step down. 

According to the Times-Union story, Gabryszak would not comment on the issue, and said "he did not have a problem with the women involved," which is kind of exactly what the problem isn't. 

Beyond the sheer lechery of the claims, which purportedly took place between March and October, what makes Gabryszak's alleged actions even more audacious is the fact they actively flouted New York House Speaker Sheldon Silver's past pledge to run a clean ship after May allegations that 72-year-old assemblyman Vito Lopez had asked female staffers to grope him and fondle his cancerous tumors. (Lopez resigned and has been fined, thank God.)

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