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Dan Rather, whose long tenure at CBS came to an unceremonious end in 2006 shortly after his own 60 Minutes report about then-president George W. Bush's military service was retracted, decided to weigh in on the show's current accuracy issues.

There's no love lost between Rather and CBS these days. After Rather was basically made to "retire" from the network a year after he'd lost his evening anchor spot, he sued CBS for $70 million (the case was dismissed). CBS did not include Rather in its JFK assassination 50th anniversary coverage last month, even though he worked for the network in Dallas at the time. He went instead to NBC, ESPN and AXS-TV, and wasn't shy in expressing his feelings about the snub, either.

Rather has always insisted that the Bush report that ended his CBS career was true and that the network should have stuck by him instead of rushing to retract the story.

So, what does he think of all that Lara Logan/Benghazi stuff? He appeared on Piers Morgan Live to revel just a bit in CBS's journalistic downfall and insist, again, that his disgraced 60 Minutes story was true.

"CBS News has a lot to answer for," Rather began. Less convincingly, he added: "I don't want to in any way add to their burden."

"With our story, the one that led to our difficulty, no question the story was true," Rather said. It was simply the "process" (a.k.a. "journalism") used in getting to that truth that was "flawed."

In terms of the Benghazi story, Rather said, supposedly free of joy, "they were taken in by a man who was a fraud."

Morgan, who isn't exactly a paragon of journalistic virtue himself, asked if Logan should be fired. Rather gave an emphatic no, saying her mistake should have been seen "in the context of" and weighed against the good work she's done in her career. Kind of like, you know, his non-mistake mistake should've been seen.

One of Rather's (fired) producers on the Bush story weighed in last month, saying Logan's report was done to appeal to and attract conservative viewers.

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