Thanksgiving Travel Upholds Its Annual Tradition of Being a Nightmare

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"Maybe 2013 will be different," you said to yourself as you booked plane or train tickets home for Thanksgiving. "Maybe this time, everything will go fine." Well, that's not happening. An impending nor'easter and other mishaps are threatening to derail a bunch of travel itineraries.

Flights at LaGuardia Airport in New York City were delayed an average of 50 minutes on Tuesday evening. In Memphis, that number dropped to 31, according to the FAA.

Storm advisories were also issued up and down the East Coast and in the Great Lakes region. Cities from as far north as Boston to as far south as Atlanta should expect rain for most of Wednesday.

U.S. Airways and Delta have also been generous enough to allow customers to reschedule flights without paying a fee. How generous of them.

The National Weather Service's lead forecaster told Reuters, "We've got everything with this - real heavy rains, (at) the lower elevations a band of freezing rain, heavy snows and then behind it, wind."

Travel on the ground might be more hectic than travel in the sky. At Penn Station, a disabled train tunnel led to substantial delays and hellish crowding.

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