Someone Tried to Blow Up an Oregon District Attorney's Office This Morning

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An improvised bomb exploded early Wednesday morning in front of an Oregon district attorney's office, breaking windows and damaging the building's exterior. Thankfully, the explosive didn't work right, otherwise it could have been much worse. 

Police in Medford, Oregon, are trying to determine who left a homemade explosive device attached to a propane tank in front of the Jackson County District Attorney's Office. The bomb detonated around 4:30 a.m. Wednesday. "We arrived on scene and we found what appeared to be a large propane tank on fire on the outside of the building," Medford police Lt. Mike Budreau told the Medford Mail Tribune. Budreau said the damage was mostly confined to the building's exterior, and the fire didn't spread to any nearby buildings.

However, that outcome was lucky, because police believe the bomb didn't detonate as intended. Budreau stated that if it had, "it would have most likely destroyed most of the building."

The police are now getting help from the FBI, according to the local Fox affiliate, and the ATF, the Tribune reports. Police are focusing their search on a male who ran from police a few blocks away from the explosion, but managed to avoid capture. CBS reports a man was spotted running from the scene dress in dark clothes and carrying a flashlight. Unfortunately, in cases like this, there are no shortage of suspects with an axe to grind against the courts, the police, or local prosecutors. 


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