Now You Can Own Sarah Palin's SUV

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Ever felt like your daily commute was lacking a connection to failed vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin? Well, you're in luck! Her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska is selling the SUV it purchased for her in 1999 when she was its mayor on eBay.

The Ford Expedition with just over 74,000 miles is being sold "as is" for a minimum of $10,000, despite the fact that the Kelly Blue Book value for such a car in excellent condition, according to the AP, is $2,318. And it's not in excellent condition, really: according to the listing it needs new brakes, new wheel seals and an idle air control valve. You have to give Wasilla credit for trying!

The car comes with power steering, an automatic transmission and air conditioning. There's also this creepy cardboard cutout of Palin's face:




No bids as of yet, but there are still seven days left in the auction. So let the bidding war begin!

And if $10,000 is too rich for your blood, perhaps you would like to purchase this 2008 presidential campaign pin for $8.50, or this first edition of her book, Going Rogue -- a steal at $1 (plus $4 shipping).

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