I Have Seen the Face of Evil

The world's most pointless invention: It's not just for autumn any more!

The latest mailing from a group called Power Equipment Direct brings depressing news.

America is a great but imperfect country, always struggling against its shortcomings. I recommend more struggle on this front.

On the other hand, one of my sons says that I should keep my focus on the real problem: the ownership of the local Washington NFL club. Leaf blowers, he reminds me, make you miserable on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis. But for nearly 15 years now, the team and its leadership have disheartened an entire metro region.

For-the-record legalistic point: I am not calling any person or business entity "evil."

But I do regard gas-powered leaf blowers as the devil's handiwork. They would be in strong contention if we did a bizarro-world version of our "50 Greatest Breakthroughs" story, one focused on "50 Biggest Tech-enabled Steps That Should Never Have Been Taken."