Here's the Insane Video from the Skydiving Plane Crash That Everyone Survived

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Over the weekend, two planes full of skydivers crashed into one another some 12,000 feet in the air, yet everyone on board somehow lived. That's a pretty cool story on its own, but since we had no images of the incident, we all had to use our imaginations to picture the skydivers leaping from certain doom to miraculous safety.

Not anymore, however, as some incredible, breath-taking helmet-cam footage of the crash has been released. NBC News reportedly paid over $100,000 for the exclusive video taken directly from the divers themselves. What you'll notice is that one of the planes more or less bellyflopped on the other, after a pair of jumpers had already made their way outside onto the wing. Then there's an explosion and a fiery free fall, for the plane and the parachutists. 

"The sun was just getting ready to set, it was our last load of the day," Mike Robinson, one of the passengers, told NBC News. "I'll remember this one more than most," he added. So will we. 

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