The Government Shutdown, Quantified

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The White House released a report on Thursday estimating the impact of the 16-day federal government shutdown that was supposed to defund Obamacare but really just ended up making it more popular.

The shutdown cost, among other things:

  • 6.6 million days of lost work, "more than during any previous Federal government shutdown"
  • $2 billion in back-pay
  • $7 million in revenue for the National Parks Service
  • $4 million in revenue at the Smithsonian Institution
  • $2 billion in IRS collection

In addition to these costs is interest on late payments that the federal government could not make because of the shutdown. There is also the added cost of implementing shutdown procedure for sectors such as the National Nuclear Security Administration at the Department of Energy, which had to implement a safe standby condition and then spend time getting back up to speed after full functionality was resumed.

It also delayed:

  • $4 billion in tax refunds
  • Enrollment in NIH clinical trials
  • Home loan decisions for 8,000 families
  • Timely investigations in 59 aviation accidents
  • 855 food inspections
  • 1200 EPA inspections
  • Alaskan fishing season by 3 to 4 days
  • FDA drug approvals
  • 1400 OSHA inspections
  • Access for 1,400 military service members to workshops designed to help them transition to civilian life and employment

For other costs, here's the full report:

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